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Escrow Services Available For Every Transaction

Simple. Safe. Reliable

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Escrow Services Available For Every Transaction

Simple. Safe. Reliable


We have streamlined our escrow services to make it simple and stress free to ensure that you are out of your timeshare quickly and have cash in your pocket. 


 Peace of mind on every transaction is maintained through a nationally recognized and insured Escrow service thereby guaranteeing the safety of your funds.


Real time access via a secure portal will provide you "up to the minute" status reports throughout the closing process allowing you peace of mind. 

*Keep in mind that not all properties will be eligible for a cash offer. Reasons your ownership may not be eligible include; An outstanding lien, mortgage, or assessment, etc.*

We Make Selling Timeshares Easy

Other companies may have reached out to you with information on how to sell your timeshare, but most of them want you to pay them for their expertise.

We don’t do that.

Instead, we pay you a fair price for your timeshare. Your cash offer includes FULL PAYMENT of resort transfer fees, recording fees, closing costs  and any administration costs associated with your property (fees vary by resort). 

Maintenance fees must be kept current and paid directly to your resort until the purchase is completed.

Our goal is to put money back in YOUR pocket, QUICKLY.

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“Great company to work with and things went smoothly and much more quickly than expected!”

- Kevin S., via Google

“I had a very good experience with Amy. She walked me through the forms , if it was not for her i am sure I could not have completed them as quickly as I did.”

- Jack M., via Google

“Carl got our title transferred quickly within a couple of months. No worries.”

- Kurt Z., via Google

One of our professionals will contact you within 24 hours with your "Quick-Quote."

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